Are APPS Killing Students?

I am starting to notice that students in the high school and middle school where I work, are becoming dependent on Apps and stolen software.

This bothers me because I am sensing they are losing actual IT skills, and the knowledge to create. Even the devices they have are limited. They are restricted to 3G only or Wifi without the ability to use real networking protocols. This means they cannot connect and interact with a LAN or WAN which might have resources that cannot be shared publicly.

They do not have anyway to get data into the device unless they have an APP, and manipulating most data is a joke. This would not be an issue except that many students are not bringing their laptops to school, because they have some device that provides 80% entertainment and 20% utility.

Maybe I am seeing just a small culture of students with this problem. BUT I just had a chat with a friend in Turkey. He said the grade 9 kids at his school had no idea how to use a spreadsheet or create a math formula. This is a pretty essential skills for high school and university math, science, business, and engineering. The only subjects that are not affected directly are history and literature. That being said, using spreadsheets also teachers students how to evaluate data- which is key in understanding historical events and trends.

Maybe there will be an app that tells students if “domino theory” is actually relevant. I am sure the McCarthy foundation will make sure it is free.