Somerset Community College Mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Every summer when I am not working, I am working on something personal. Usually writing, or some type of IT training. This summer I have decided to draft a proposal and submit it to various people in my home town of Somerset, Kentucky.

As I was writing my proposal, which in no way financially benefits or includes me, and I saw that the Chronicle of Higher Education listed our community college as a great college to work for in their seventh annual report.

This excited me because I am writing a proposal for the expansion of our community college. I thought the timing was good, so I am including an quick excerpt from the proposal, plus a link for anyone who wants to comment on it. I have NOT FINISHED IT, and I have not officially submitted it. I will do that later this week after more revisions and some strategic marketing.

Excerpt: Expanding Somerset Community College, the Why and How

I have spent the last 12 years of my life working in various countries within different types of schools and educational initiatives. I continue this work today in Shanghai, China. I spend 75% of my professional time focused on improving educational opportunities. I collaborate with people all over the world, and often interact with people who are starting new schools.

One thing I have always found interesting is that new schools usually spring from older schools. They are pushed into the world because of a specific unmet need.

In Somerset, SCC needs to evolve. The writing, as they say, is on the wall. A new school needs to arise from the success of the current programs and faculty. This evolution should start in the form of support, shift to the creation of some keystone programs, and finally emerge from the stress and struggle as a four year institution.

I am sure there are currently, and have been in the past, many debates on why this will or will not work. Those conversations do not interest me, because they are irrelevant. Looking at change in terms of a “big jump” is often what cripples the opportunities for change. SCC has programs and established methods of operation. Therefore there must be a plan with stages for institutional adjustment. Here is a plan that will most certainly achieve the creation of more opportunities for existing and future students, regardless of whether or not is fully succeeds. I think debating the creation of opportunity is futile since it is the mandate of all institutions that serve the public interest and clearly express in their mission to be a beacon in the realm of education.

Read and Comment on the Proposal

Tony DePrato