Planning & Presentations

As part of my job I am constantly planning and consulting on a variety of projects. Often when people want to use open source packages like Moodle, they have the skills or the people needed to implement a cost effective solution. I find that many people simply need a starting point or the language required to organize their local resources. As a service I offer a flat fee for developing E-Learning and Educational Technology Plans.

Download: “I would never ask a student to do something I myself would not do.” 21st Century Learning Conference 2014, Hong Kong. This is a BYOD topic and presentation.

Download: “Homework in a 1-1 Environment.” 21st Century Learning Conference 2014, Hong Kong.

Download : Sample Plan for a Media Streaming initiative.
This is the sample sent to the buyer, upon receiving payment the completed plan is provided.

Download: Project Geo-Caching for a World Wide Educational Initiative.
This plan is very detailed and expansive. It was part of a proposal connect to the Bill Clinton Foundation. It was chosen as one of two from Dubai.
It is awaiting further review and scrutiny. This PDF does not contain a cost analysis.

Download: IT Standards for Network Administrators Supporting Users Who Are Using A Remote Learning Management System. This document outlines what IT managers need to know about making sure their network and policies conform to the needs of users who are working with a Learning Management System such as Moodle.

Download:Changing Accounting Practices to Reflect the True Cost of Technology Overtime.This is a presentation I did in Dubai at the Smart Cities World MENA 2011 Conference.

Download:IT Check-Out Procedure 2012.


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