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Am I Too Old or is This Actually Better

In 2001 I was at a conference. One of the presenters showed both Apple and Microsoft operating systems on his screen. He said, and I am paraphrasing from memory, “Apple stole their OS from Xerox. Microsoft stole their OS from Apple. What if Xerox got it wrong?” I was very …

Recently I looked into going with a VPS Server to expand my school’s online services. My current assignment is outside of North America, so I ran into numerous issues with the billing. So I looked into some other options and realized that we could create what we needed using a …

How to Support Open Source with your IT Budget

Many schools use open source unofficially. They download programs like VLC and then clone them across all their installations. They run servers with Apache to provide numerous services to their communities. Yet normally they cannot donate or contribute any money to these open source projects because of the way supplier registration works.