My name is Anthony (Tony) DePrato, and I am currently the Director of Technology and Special Projects for YK PAO School in Shanghai, China. I have a Masters in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University, and Bachelor of Arts in Communications and International Studies from St. Thomas More College (A Four Year Private University).

My current posting requires to me to oversee technology that is varied in complexity across two campuses on different sides of the world’s largest city. One of the campuses I work for is a bilingual grade 1-­5 primary school; the other is a secondary year 6­-12 boarding school, which recently received approval from the IBO to begin the diploma program.

Before this I was the technology director for the Dubai American Academy and a member of the GEMS Digital Learning team, which supports many schools simultaneously.

Currently I am seeking to expand my role in school leadership. I have a background not only in Technology Management, but also in facilities design and management, human resources planning and data management, school policy writing, school improvement plan development, government policy alignment, and developing large programs that span curriculum K-12.

I am looking for a school that would be interested in allowing me to apply myself to more than one area and develop as a leader. I am a student first, a good listener, and a creative problem solver. I believe there is opportunity to improve student learning and education even when resources are lacking. I always take a ‘students first’ approach to planning, as I see that at the core mission of any educational initiative.

I have recently completed my Principals’ Training Center Leadership Certification. In doing so I completed the following courses:

  • Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • Assessment Leadership
  • Teacher Evaluation and Supervision
  • School Finance

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